5 Ways to Impress an Employer when Interviewing for a Job in Sports


You’re coming to the end of your sports degree and you’re ready to start looking for jobs. All seems to be going well until you’re called for your first interview, and then it dawns on you that you have no idea what to expect. Well, no need to panic. We are here with our top five tips that will help you impress your potential employers when you’re interviewing for a role in the sports industry.

  1. Keep it formal, at least at first

We know. Sports tends to be a fairly casual industry, so you might be tempted to rock up for your interview in your trainers and jogging bottoms. Please don’t fall into temptation. You might end up wearing your workout gear to work once you have the job, but when you are attending an interview you should always make an effort to look sharp. A suit and tie for a man is a good choice, whilst women can wear a smart dress or pantsuit and blouse.

  1. Focus on your achievements

One trap people fall into when new to interviewing, is they talk about all the things they can do, or could do, given the opportunity. But past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour, so you’ll be far more convincing if you focus on your achievements. Keep in mind that your achievements become even more persuasive if you’re able to be specific. Use objective measures to describe what you have done, for example, “I helped my client lose 10kg in 6 months, by prescribing a dynamic high intensity interval training program and adapting the program as her fitness levels improved”.

  1. Show self control

We all get nervous when going into an interview, but this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your self control, by focusing on your body language and ensuring that you remain cool, calm and collected. We know you’re a bundle of tense energy, but do your best to stop fidgeting, swivelling in your chair, tapping the table or clicking a pen during your interview. You should also avoid crossing your arms and touching your face excessively – you don’t want to come across as being closed off, or as untruthful!

  1. Don’t underestimate volunteer experience

We’ve found that a lot of graduates tend to shy away from talking about their volunteer experience, as they feel it isn’t a “real job”. But working as a volunteer allows you to learn lots of new skills and also demonstrates a strong work ethic. After all, not everyone would be willing to work if they were not being remunerated! When talking about your volunteer experience, focus on your transferable skills; the skills that will benefit you in your brand new sports role.

  1. Play up your communication and team work

One thing that is often forgotten, is that most roles in the sports industry require a high level of communication skills, as well as the ability to work effectively with others. Whether you go down the track of sports coaching, journalism, marketing, exercise science, sport psychology or any other role within the sports industry, you need to be able to communicate and develop relationships. When you are asked about your strengths in your interview, don’t forget to bring up these points – they are very valid and will be sure to earn you extra brownie points.

So, there you have it. Our top tips for impressing your future employer in the sports industry. Best of luck with your job-hunting. Don’t forget to check out the job search platform at The Fitness Associates!

Guest blog by Fitness Associates.