Going global can change your life!

The JET team came in to give a talk about JETworking as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan on Thursday 16 October – and if there are any schemes around that can change your life then this is one of them. The JET scheme has been around for many years, and I know graduates who have enjoyed it so much they extended beyond their one year contract and, in one case, stayed the maximum of three years and came back married to another JETer from Germany! However, you will need to be quick to be part of this paid opportunity, as the application window is only open between October and November.

Teaching English is one way of working overseas, but there are many other schemes available to students and graduates that could be equally as life changing. One graduate I know went to Canada on a work and travel scheme, this lead (after a bit of bar washing-up) to working in a great job in an advertising agency in Toronto and is now applying for permanent residency.

Any stint of working overseas or going global as we might say will take you out of your comfort zone – it challenges you – but it will also help you understand what you are capable of. It will certainly help you develop your communication skills! And for sure, working in another country really stands out in any future job applications.

“If you have international work experience, you’re likely to be confident and have an outgoing personality, which helps you engage with stakeholders”  Quote from How valuable is international work experience, ft.com

For ideas take a look at our Going Global section or come along to our Going Global Week (10 – 14 November).


More on working aboard:


Sharon (USW Careers)


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