Education Recruitment Agencies – Are you all on board?

I’m minded to drop a few lines down for you newly qualified teachers, or education based graduates about the range of options that can be provided by education recruitment boat-of-paper-872918-magencies. The reason for this is there are an awful lot of them out there and they all want to speak to YOU and often approach Careers to ask us to remind you of their presence! This is no bad thing as they really do provide a door into the profession with either long or short term projects that will help get you noticed, make contacts and provide an income.

The key is to enter into a relationship with them with your eyes wide open. They need you to register so they can develop contracts and links with schools, colleges and other education providers. You need them to open up your options to a broader range of contacts and connections that would take a long time if you were to speculatively approach every school or college out there. Some clearly offer more than others, but it is worth speaking to as many as you can and make your own judgement.

The things to ask them about are clearly the types of providers they work with, successful placements they have co-ordinated in the past, but also what they can do for you to improve your prospects. A number of the more discerning agencies can arrange mock interviews, recruitment days or tailored advice and you should take advantage of as much as they have to offer as part of your broader job seeking approach. Bear in mind the work they can provide may be across the teaching sector, in a range of teaching and support roles, so it is important that ALL education related graduates tap into this option.

Such is my impartiality as guidance professional that it would be wrong for me to highlight specific agencies; you are all adults and can make up your own mind. I would say that we did have a selection on campus in a teaching recruitment event earlier on this year and that could give you some ideas. Failing that, a quick search online or a conversation with someone in careers can get you on a path to make the most of this job seeking resource for aspiring education professionals and teachers.



Lloyd (USW Careers)



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